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Hello, I’m Alice Graves

About Spark Your Passion

I founded Spark Your Passion through my desire to help as many people as possible step into the future they deserve. After 10 years working within the corporate world I have spent over 5000 hours interviewing people, understanding what challenges they face and what problems they are trying to overcome and then helping them overcome these problems. I have become an expert in people; seeing what is not said and getting people to where they need to be. 

My passion and strength is getting people to believe in themselves and to take that step into the future they deserve.

I work with high achievers who know there is something they are holding back. Although they have done well, they know there is more they are capable of, but their self doubt holds them back. I help them to really understand who they are and to believe in who they are. When we are done working together, they are very clear on what they want for their next chapter, and they have the skills and tools to achieve it. 

I help my clients step powerfully, confidently and passionately into their new future.

About Alice

I worked for 10 years within the corporate environment and I loved my work. I also realised that I had spent the best part of the last ten years looking for external validation; knowing I was good at what I did, but not really believing it. I wanted to step into a bolder, more confident version of myself where I no longer worried what other people thought of me. I knew if I could do this, there was so much more I could achieve in life.  I could feel this version of me just below the surface, but for some reason I was scared to let her out. 

I invested in myself and hired a coach. Working with my coach it became clearer to me who I wanted to be and how I could step into this other version of myself. How I could tap into my full potential. I was able to trust myself and my decisions 100%, I no longer needed external validation, and finally I no longer worried so much what others thought of me!

I felt a deep rooted sense of power and calm when I finally felt aligned with who I was. It felt amazing to no longer base my ‘success’ on what others thought of me.  

The change I went through impacted all areas of my life especially work. Being more confident meant I was no longer nervous to put myself out there, push for the promotion, stand-up for what I thought was right, work on projects I knew were a bit out of my depth. Throughout the next few years of my career I also found it hugely rewarding to help others achieve what I had. To help people really believe in themselves and start living the life they wanted, instead of waiting on the side lines. Seeing what they couldn’t quite see in themselves and bringing it out of them. 

That is what led me to start Alice Graves Coaching. I don’t want anyone to have to live a life where they are holding back because they don’t believe in themselves. 

I want to show people that they can be who they desire to be and have the future they deserve. They don’t need to keep waiting, or doubting themselves.

I work with people who are dedicated to making that change. All my clients are very different, but one thing they have in common is a drive to make the next chapter of their lives extraordinary. When they have finished working with me, that is exactly what they have achieved. 

If reading this excites you, then let’s connect and see if I can help you too! 


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