It’s Summer time and that means we’re going to be bombarded with messages about how our bodies are not good enough. There will be countless campaigns selling us our dream figure in only 2 weeks. All we have to do is commit, hand over our hard earned money and our precious time.

You know it’s a lie, you know it won’t work and if it does you know it won’t last, but you’re tempted. What they offer seems so good, I know I’m tempted.

But this year I’m not going to buy into it.

Instead I’m going to invest in myself. I’m going to take that hard earned money and invest it in my development, in my mindfulness, in being the person I really want to be.

Because unlike the fad diets I know that investing in my development is something that will last a life-time. I also know it’s the best way to get the body I want, because until I work on my insecurities and my confidence, it doesn’t matter what diet plan I go on, I will never feel the way I want to feel. And I know this is true to everyone else too.

So this year instead of buying into some fad diet use that money and that time to work on your development. I promise you, the results you will get will be so much more than 2 weeks drinking celery and exercising like crazy.

You’ll realise, you are amazing just as you are, and your confidence will start to sore.



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