Mother Knows Best! Podcast

Becoming a Mother with a Full-time job

I had the pleasure of joining The Curious About podcast where we spoke about everything to do with finding balance as a working mother.

Click here to listen to the full episode and read the key takeaways.

“As you become a mother, it’s a massive adjustment. You go from really being able to do whatever you want whenever you want to suddenly always being bound by time. You are never fully free, and there are always time limits on everything” – Alice Graves

Becoming a mother with a full-time job was a huge adjustment for Alice, and she needed to juggle and figure out her role for her children and job. Regardless if she was tired, she would still show up and be on form to encourage her team.

“What happens when you become a mother is suddenly you realize someone’s really looking up to you. They are following by your example” – Alice Graves

Be kind to yourself. Life is a roller coaster. Many parents say that the first six months are just about survival. But once you settle into that role. Even if you have a partner who helps, you still tend to do more because you are the mother. It’s a mother’s instinct to care, so they put their needs further at the bottom of the list.

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