I am so glad I met Alice when I did! I was burning out at work, drained at all levels by a recent restructuring, and feeling stuck in my career. With the added difficulties of the pandemic and related anxieties, as well as a sense of loss of direction and purpose, I was finding it difficult to manage repetitive thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and frustration. I needed a hand to get out of that mindset and to feel like I had options. Alice clearly had expertise in coaching people who had felt similarly, and I felt effortlessly understood, which was a relief in itself. Alice’s approach was holistic and her range of techniques suited me well. Our sessions helped me through that extremely difficult time, allowed me to leave behind some thought/behavioural patterns that were not serving me, and unlocked some creative interests I had otherwise shut down. Our sessions were always a gift, never a chore, and the changes they fostered in me were so organic and effortless it feels almost magical in retrospect!

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